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15th-Feb-2011 09:47 pm(subeject? nope)
SG-1; Sam; not a whale

This is what happens when I'm inebriated (also, accidently almost freezing a cider, win! Cider slushie anyone?). Except it might have happened anyways.

frittata on top of a poppadom (that was the strange but awesome part). there's some what they've called "herbes de province" in there, chopped up garlic, black pepper, some sliced zucchini & cherry tomates, and small bits of spinach. oh, and a little bit of milk!

I rather enjoyed it. I liked the soft eggy/herby moist veggie kinda flavours on top of the crunchie spicy poppadom. I swear that was pretty much while I was thinking while I ate it. Kind of like putting an m&m on top of a plain lays chip. (although that is a much less nutritious combination)

..... ahh, I am such a food geek *headdesk*


P.S Apparently this is me now, really random posts about insane things.

P.P.S I am still phoneless for those who knew. I really need to go buy one this weekend.

P.P.P.S Oh wait! N is awesome, this came in the mail today:

 (I don't think that this should be a surprise, but the teapot is not the new thing)
13th-May-2010 03:03 am - oops. i may have done it again.
Knitting; Itty Bitty Kitty!
I know. I think I'm addicted right now. I need to get to some kind of counselling. I go to meetings, really. Except the meetings I go to encourage it.

My name is Melly, and I am Elly's BFF.
(Elly being the Elephant)

there was a tragic accident you see, but I got all stitched up. except I can't find my shoe.Collapse )

29th-Apr-2010 02:42 pm(subeject? nope)
Farscape; Aeryn; princess
So I uploaded those other two videos - if you clicked with the edited version of the other post - ignore this!

This is from when she mayyy have messed up at the beginning of a song - but it's all good - it's actually fun when she messes up because then she dances or giggles or in this case ends up having the guitar singer singing the first verse of the song:

This is the very last song of the night Soon We'll Be Found. I am so so very glad I taped this.

29th-Apr-2010 04:59 am(subeject? nope)
NMG; Noel; aaaaaaahhhhh
I love photo posts lately apparently. But for good reason!

I may just walk around for the next week with a grin plastered on my face. We went and saw Sia tonight :D She was amazing, this woman has one of the most phenomenal voices I've ever heard.

(the only photo in this entire post I did not take)

That would be a crocheted background, with pompoms spelling out her name. It was adorable. Plus everything on the stage was covered in crocheted things.

clickity clickity click!Collapse )

SG-1; Sam; not a whale
I finished the shrug! Pretending that I actually posted or told anyone other than those who live with me that I was knitting it, it's done! Finally! (Lesson to self, don't lose a pattern for approximately four months - starting something that's not exactly a mammoth project and it taking 4 months is just sad)

I may take better pics once I am a) at home and b) I have shaped it (it's not that bad, the sleeves are just a little rolly).

click!Collapse )

Bonus puppy photos! Taken by the classy one. (a.k.a Addie)Collapse )

23rd-Jan-2010 12:53 pm - Knitting Entry!
Sanctuary; Helen; smile
I made a new hat! I am really happy with how it came out, it was my first time doing a lace pattern other then the miniature version I knit for it last year.

the back, and flat, and stuffCollapse )
24th-Jul-2009 08:48 pm(subeject? nope)
Boosh; Dave & Michael
The one time I actually sign onto Trillian? Only surreality_fan is there, and she vanished after 10 minutes. Okay, she didn't vanish. She had plans. But still. ANYWAYS.

Two nights ago I had a dream that Sol went Supernova. Then after everything went boom. I woke up, since my subconscious had just killed the entire world, and thus the dream could not logically continue and then scientifically dismantled the dream. Except that it was still pretty. Then I looked up some stuff I wasn't sure about on my break at work. Then everyone decided I was insane. But the aftermath is gorgeous.

Too bad Sol is too small to go Supernova. We'd have something pretty left over after everything. Like a really cool, bright, colourful tombstone for the solar system.

In slightly less insane news. (Only slightly, really) I spent an awesome $4.25 today:

(this first picture is just to clearly show that it is indeed an intact book)




I leave it at that. It's so awesome I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE HOW COOL IT IS. And yes, I may have gone a little overboard on the pictures. BUT IT'S SO COOL. Also I should obviously go into that used bookstore more often, not just when I am dodging (not so?) unexpected downpours and I've just finished my book and thus am thinking I might find something good in there since I'm walking by anyways.

1st-Apr-2009 10:16 pm(subeject? nope)
R&I; Jane Rizzoli
Non-Poll Poll Time::




I already own a pair of 14 Eyelet black ones, and I have 8's in fuzzy red, but the red ones are kind of majorly destroyed, and my black pair is for work, so I want a fun pair to wear about and my aunt is visiting soon. I kind of am leaning towards the first pair, the second two are just sorta fun, and PURPLE SHHOOOEESSSS. I want purple shoes. I'm just not sure about the shiny, I mean, shiny! But, for the boots? I don't know.
R&I; Jane Rizzoli
[disclaimer, I'm exhausted. Blame fucked up spelling on that.]

Updates time! I figured this is easier then individually (that word took way too long to spell. I am so fucking tired) replying to everyone.

Okay. So since we now know stuffs, a little more then possibly the news, we hope. Or rather, more ACCURATE then the news since we got actual police type updates (AND THE MAYOOORRRR. *applause* because he could clearly solve the situation. Unless he wanted to invite us to stay at his house. With all of our aminals).

[okay, yes I sound normal now. I have clean clothes, and a bra. Guys. I had no bra for two days. Do you understand how much that SUCKED. IT SUCKED SO HARD. Also. SOCKS. SOCKKKKSSS, best invention ever. We had to get refugee shoes since ours were soaked from the rain and we were sockless and so we've been sockless for two days in refugee shoes and Addie's are a size too small because we are both like 8 1/2 wides and she has 8's on and I have 9's on. Last pair of 9's too. Booyah]


So, around 9AM yesterday? The power and water started to fluctuate, people noticed smoke apparently. People called the fire department. Fire department comes, then the electrical room exploded. Pretty much. The generator. Or something. It originally sent I think 6 firefighters to the hosptial, they are all released and okay now though. There were 3 more fire fighters sent to the hosptial for smoke inhalation, all also okay. Apparently some women on the 22 floor saw debris that had flown up past them, and they saw it coming DOWN, so they thought something exploded from above.

The entire building shook [btw, Addie thought it was thunder]. And then smoke was billowing up through the vents in the building, fun! It went from the basement through the whole building, I was talking to a guy a few floors above us (we're on 15) who said he had to get a flashlight to get through his hallway. Our hallway was see through-able though. Enough to be smokey, not enough for a flashlight or retreat to the apartment. Addie had black snot for a day and a half. It was beautiful.

Okay, so. When the explosion happened? The concrete shifted. Around the building too. There is no power, no water. They have to totally rebuild the electrical room. They are seriously worried about structural damage, and at least one floor of the parking garage is like totaled. They were saying there was like 3-4 foot of water down there (due to probable fire putting-outage), so a whole load of peoples cars are destroyed.

So, we haven't gotten back in even to get stuff. Firefighters went and grabbed one of my crutches (everything was thrown about in getting the animals packed up), and my wheelchair. So I have that at least. We have all of the animals as of around 8-9 PM-ish. Biiggg stress relief.

We're not getting back in to live for at /least/ a month, if we ever get back in. We just went and spent $200 at Zellars on underwear (socks, underwear, and bras), a tshirt each, pair of pants each, long sleeved shirts, and I got a $3 hat to cover my groddy ass hair.

We are going to be living at my parents until the whole situation is solved, however. We have Pirate, who has FIP which is fluid infectious. So we need to install a door for the basement for him, and for Dingo the puppy of awesome. [seriously, he has been SO good. He's been giving every single person some love because we swear he is empathetic.

We basically have had a rather stressful day today, however, we have clean clothes. And thus no longer feel disgusting. Also I now have a shirt that says "don't talk trash" and has Oscar the Grouch. And Addie has ironic tshirt that says "You'll Never Be This Lucky" with a care-bear on it. She thinks it's hilarious, and it is rather amusing. I'm just glad there is no more refugee clothing. Addie says she likes her refugee sweat pants. Except for the tag that pokes her in the butt.

I also, on a sad/amusing note. Had an asthma attack today before I managed to get a new inhaler, and totally got treated by a really cute paramedic, and she was super nice too. And was complaining that she stepped in dog poop and thus smelled bad. But we were like "everyone smells bad. we can't even tell, you don't need to worry!".

I won't go into how I wish to not go to a Shopper's Drug Mart Pharmacy ever again, becuase of their unhelpfullness it took me like 2 hours longer to GET a new inhaler, we missed getting to the bank on time so we couldn't cash our emergency funds, and thus could not buy all of our clothes. Because I split it up on my credit card and my bank card. We still have about $100 left of stuff to pick up tomorrow (sweater each, long sleeved shirt for Addie, and some underwear and socks, which apparently comes to $100.)

Wow. Long Post. Did not realize how long it would be, apparently venting is needed. Not angry, just stressed and tired. And I want a real bed, my own bed would be preferable. But clearly that's not happening for at least a month!

Addie says if we never get back in and there is no power to the building they should get a giant crane and move stuff out through the balconies. I swear I think I'm actually more annoyed right now that they will totally not let me get my bike, since I refuse to leave it outside, and that is my transportation in the city when I'm not going to work. Addie's is in the apartment too, and she ALMOST locked it up outside. However. We just realized it probably would have been destroyed if it was outside. Because the glass on the main floor of the building is totally fucking shattered, and the concrete is fucked.


Want to sleep.
So. Sleepy. Will go now, but probably not really. Have to check bank and credit card limits.
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